What We Do

TAMID Group at Illinois provides students with hands on business experience by performing consulting services, investment research, and much more


TAMID Consulting provides pro-bono consulting for the most exciting and innovative companies coming out of Israel. TAMID members engage in projects during the academic year that build skills in market research, competitive analysis, US market entry strategy, beta testing/product development and design, and more.

Investment Fund

The TAMID Investment Fund enables members to conduct research on global stocks, manage a live portfolio, develop real-world investment research skills, and more. Members have the opportunity to create stock pitches and submit them to TAMID's Global Stock Pitch Competition


Once accepted to TAMID Group, new members will participate in a 6-week education program that prepares them for the consulting track, the investment fund track, or both. The Education program focuses on hands-on, experiential learning that will encourage new members to actively participate and collaborate with others.


Produced in partnership with Onward Israel, the TAMID Group Fellowship is a competitive, 8-week summer internship program that provides outstanding TAMID Group leaders with the opportunity to work with host companies in Israel while living in Tel Aviv.


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