Meeting Recap 09/26/2018


The first semester of TAMID Group Beta Chapter at the University of Illinois has officially begun! Our first meeting was a great kick off to the year. All of our founding members got to meet each other and officially introduce themselves. After introductions, we went through a detailed overview of what the semester will entail, how the process works, and our expectations for the rest of the year.


In our second session, students broke up into various groups and ran through a professional development seminar. The members were able to gain expertise in various professional areas including resume critiques, email etiquette, LinkedIn review, and interview preparation. Executive board members were given the opportunity to lead one of these stations and provide examples and feedback. Each station included activities, examples, and a Q&A to close up each individual session with the goal of our members becoming more well-rounded in all aspects of professional development.

At the end of the session, students were again placed in groups and tasked with creating and presenting a brief slideshow on potential ideas for our fundraising event. They will use their creativity to configure a way to raise money for our organization. We are excited to see everyone’s ideas from these presentations that will be presented on Wednesday, and we look forward to walking through the first session of TAMID Consulting and the TAMID Investment Fund!

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