Meeting Recap 10/03/2018


Today we had a brief overview of the different sections of consulting and investing. These overviews allowed the members to choose which branch of TAMID they would like to participate in throughout the semester (investment fund, consulting, or both). We encouraged most students to join both branches as it allows different perspectives into the Israeli economy and business in general. The consulting and investment fund build off of each other to provide a deeper understanding to our members.


Students got to dip their toes into the semester of education on the consulting side of TAMID. After providing a thorough overview of the semester, students briefly learned about the different analyses in which we will be learning and implementing. Market research, customer analysis and industry analysis are all service areas which are essential to the process.


The investment fund overview consisted of a presentation covering why investing matters and how students will be able to apply it with the end goal of learning how to create future cash for investors (how to increase returns when investing). We distinguished the difference between book value and market value, which is the realizable gain/value. The financial statements were also briefly introduced because these act as the financial roadmap of a company. All of these fundamentals led to learning strategies of investing which we will dive deeper into next class.

Later in the week, TAMID Group Beta Chapter at Illinois had a social event. New members and executive members ordered pizza and got to know each other on a closer level. It was a great experience – we look forward to continue fostering professional relationships and learning as a unit.


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