Investment Fund

Meeting Recap 11/14/2018


This week, members focused on our final pitches and proposals that will be presented on Thursday, November 29. Groups split up into consulting and investing teams and each group was able to meet and work with each other and map out a strategy to complete their project by the assigned presentation time. Each group consists of 3-4 members with a designated team leader from our executive board.

Looking forward, our schedule for the following week (after Thanksgiving break) includes completing the education process and making final changes to the project deliverables on Monday, hosting the Dean of the business school (Dean Jeffrey Brown) as our final outside speaker for the semester on Wednesday, and conducting stock pitches and consulting case studies on Thursday. Next week will be full of TAMID, but everyone is excited about the final projects because students get to put this semester’s learning to the test and prove that they can work for real companies next semester.

As for now, we hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and spends quality time with their families!

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