Meeting Recap 02/18/2019


On Monday evening the TAMID students came out to Chabad to hear an incredible entrepreneur, businessman, doctor and CEO speak about his journey to where he is now. Rabbi Dovid connected with Chandler Robinson, now CEO of Monopar Therapeutics in Wilmette Illinois, and he graciously agreed to come down to speak with the students of TAMID.

Dr. Robinson came from a unique background where his parents followed different religions and he paved his own path of what religion he wanted to follow. He grew up in Columbus, Ohio and attended Northwestern undergraduate school in a prestigious business program, setting him up to be an investment banker. However, after taking a chemistry class, the professor spotted extreme potential and Robinson conducted research for some time as an undergrad. The research led him to eventually produce a drug for Wilson’s disease and was bought in the early stages of testing because of the extreme success. The students were able to see Robinson’s passion throughout his whole story because of his energy and enthusiasm while conveying his endeavors.

Robinson soon left the medicine world for investment banking in the UK while on the fulbright scholarship. This incredible experience and opportunity was one of many that Robinson explored his different interests. Although he said he enjoyed it, he did not wake up excited every day to go work at Bear Stearns. After getting his MBA, he soon went back to medical school to become a doctor at Stanford. Robinson’s education is tremendous and his vast experiences left the students in awe and very inspired.

There was so much to take away from this humble, motivating and successful individual. Now, working on cancer drugs at Monopar, Dr. Robinson is always thinking about the greater good. Some main ideas to take away from listening to the ambitious man is that there should be no boundaries to achieve whatever you want to achieve. With extra work and thinking what can you do, instead of what can’t you do, it will get you farther than you would have been. Surrounding yourself in a positive environment with people who work hard is a key component and could help in the long run as well. Although Robinson has had many successes, he continues on new endeavors and pursues his passions even if it means knocking on the CEO’s door because of the open door policy (although he is now the CEO).

Robinson emphasized the fact that people may not always believe in your ideas and pursuits, but that doesn’t mean that you should stop pursuing them. There are ways to achieve your goals and mentors are a large part of this.

Thanks to Dr. Robinson for being so gracious and insightful. We look forward to hosting our next speaker later in the semester.

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