March Recap 03/2019

It has been some time since the last update, but TAMID has continued to grow and evolve at the University of Illinois. The consulting and investing groups have received their projects for the semester and are working diligently to complete them prior to their respective deadlines. This semester we are taking a more focused approached to each group, so the students will receive practice in the area that they would like to specialize in.

The investment fund brainstormed a wide array of stocks that they would like to create a pitch for and had a great conversation about the pros and cons of each. The stock discussion ranged from McDonalds to IPG photonics and it was interesting to hear different perspectives about the market and how/why students think their stock will see continued growth in the future.

The consulting team, led by Nosa Egiebor and Barkin Kurumoglu, has been collaborating with the CEO of an Israeli startup, SafeMode. The goal of SafeMode is to make driving safer for everyone using artificial intelligence which gives constructive feedback, driver ratings, movement tracking and more.  After completing last semester’s education process, students are ready to apply their recently learned knowledge to aid SafeMode in website development, marketing tactics, growth strategy, etc…We are confident that our group will create a great product and provide valuable advice to this up and coming company.

Later this week, a few students will be joining other TAMID Chapters in Chicago for the Midwest Conference. Illinois TAMID members will join forces with other TAMID members from University of Chicago, Northwestern, Michigan, Indiana and a couple other schools, to network and provide feedback regarding TAMID’s operations on a national level. This will be a great opportunity to meet intelligent, like-minded individuals from across the Midwest, while also spreading a little Illini pride and knowledge.

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