After a great first year in action on campus, we are very proud of what TAMID Group at Illinois has become and excited for what is to come next year. Both branches of TAMID’s operations completed their consulting projects and stock pitches. Groups worked hard on their perspective projects and a lot was learned throughout our first year on campus.

Consulting students turned in their finished work to the CEO of SafeMode (an Israeli startup which uses Big Data and AI algorithms to ensure safe driving for fleets and autonomous vehicles). Students revamped SafeMode’s website, conducted research regarding barriers of entry to the US and other foreign markets, and helped resolve other conflicts with the company. Investment fund students turned in their pitch to TAMID nationals. The fund pitched Logitech (NASDAQ: LOGI) as a long-term buy based on numerous valuation metrics, which resulted in Logitech stock under-performing, thus being stated as undervalued at its current price.

With a revamped education process next semester, we are looking forward to accepting 30-40 new members, conducting the education process, expanding the executive board, and working with new and exciting Israeli startups. To the class of 2023, we are looking forward to all of the exciting students to get involved with TAMID.

Lastly, a few members of TAMID will be travelling to Israel and are exciting to immerse themselves in the culture and gain valuable, unparalleled work experience working in the Start-Up Nation.

Get ready for another great semester at the University of Illinois!

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