Weekly Recap – 10/16/19

Starting off week three of the education process, new members continued to deepen their knowledge on critical concepts! To begin, new members learned about the 4P’s framework. By understanding the 4P’s of Marketing, new members will be able to apply the essential concept towards their future work in the consulting track. Next, new members gained an understanding of market penetration and the Lean Business Model Canvas. In addition to the 4P’s of Marketing, these concepts will strengthen their knowledge and skill set for their future in TAMID. Lastly, new members explored project management through observing the basic structure of a consulting project as well as methods for researching startups. 

Looking forward, new members will continue their education process while focusing on a more in-depth examination of the investment fund!

Delving into their assignments for the semester, the consulting track began their work for their projects. The consulting track split into three teams, each working on a different project. Further, project managers delegated tasks for their teams for the upcoming week and created a timeline for the semester. Our consultants are extremely excited to begin working on their tasks, and they are eager to see the impact they will make at the end of the semester!


We are extremely excited about some upcoming events for our members. Our members have began organizing and preparing for the upcoming TAMID Together fundraiser. Also, we are hoping to plan another social event where members will bond and chat over dinner!

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