Weekly Recap – 11/6/19

As we inch closer to the end of the semester, the education process, investment track, and consulting track have been working diligently. 

Throughout the past few weeks, new members gained hands-on experience to strengthen their knowledge and skills for their future in TAMID. To illustrate, new members learned about the process of preparing a stock pitch. Further, new members were taught concepts to aid in the process of preparing a stock pitch such as creating a discounted cash flow model. Additionally, new members worked on skills useful for the consulting track. They worked on a practice exercise, recommending turnaround strategies for Teva Pharmaceuticals. The completion of the education process is near, and the new members are extremely excited to apply their skills next semester!

Continuing their projects, the consulting track has been working hard these past few weeks. Each group provided an update of their current position in terms of their final goal to all the members in the consulting track. Moreover, consulting track members learned how to properly cold call and email perspective participants for their research. Lastly, each team split into their groups to continue their efforts meeting their weekly objectives.

This week, the investment track picked their new stock pitch. The investment track members looked at various stocks such as Square, Shopify, PayPal and more. Ultimately, the investment track choose to prepare a stock pitch for Square. Then, members split into groups and divided the work to begin accomplishing their goals. 


This week we had our first guest speaker of the semester! Founder of Psyonic, Aadeel Akhtar spoke to our members of his journey as an entrepreneur. Psyonic works towards developing advanced prostheses that are affordable to everyone. Akhtar’s story of success and hard work was inspirational and enlightening to all our members. We look forward to seeing and supporting his work in the future! Lastly, we are hosting a dinner event this Thursday. The end of the semester is near, so we wanted another opportunity for members to hang out and bond while eating good food! 

If you are interested in learning more about Psyonic, please click the link below!


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