Weekly Recap – 11/20/19

This past week was an exciting time for all of our members! 

Finalizing their education process, new members presented their final case competition. New members had been consistently working on their case competitions, and this week each team showed off their hard work. Each group did an excellent job, and it was apparent that each team put in a great amount of research and effort. Further, new members stated that the case competition was a great learning experience, and it was a great opportunity to showcase all the skills and knowledge they have gained over the semester. Looking ahead, after Thanksgiving break, new members will begin shadowing the consulting and investment track. Then, starting next semester, new members will begin working on new projects in the consulting and investing track alongside existing members!

The consulting track continued working hard on their projects as the deadlines are approaching quickly. In the beginning of the meeting, each project manager provided the consulting track a brief overview of the work they hope to accomplish during this week’s meeting. Additionally, the consulting track began discussing future project managers for next semester, and many members were excited to get a chance to take on more responsibility. Finally, each team split into their groups and began working on their tasks. 


Earlier this week, members attended TAMID Together! All members gathered to make calls in hopes of raising our goal of $6,750. Energy and excitement filled the room as members exclaimed the impact TAMID has had on them and why this organization is so amazing. While calling family and friends, members enjoyed pizza and snacks! The event was a huge success, and we are greatly appreciative of all the donations we received!

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