Weekly Recap – 12/4/19

The past few weeks have been nothing short of exciting for our members. And, as the semester comes to an end, we are extremely pleased with all the hard work and effort our members have poured into their projects.


This week’s meeting was very exciting for the consulting track. New members of the consulting track joined in on the meeting to gain perspective of what their next semester will look like. In the beginning, new members introduced themselves to the consulting members. From there, each team presented a slide deck of the work and research they have been conducting over the course of the semester. Not only were the presentations enlightening for current members of the consulting track, but also for the new members as well. Wrapping up the semester, each team will be presenting their final deliverables next week.  


This week, the investment track received feedback on their stock pitch. As mentioned in the previous week’s recap, their stock pitch was for the company Square. After reviewing the feedback, our members continued to make needed adjustments and improvements. As a result, their stock pitch passed! We are very proud of the hard work the investment track members put into the pitch!


This week we welcomed guest speaker John Quarton. Quarton is the Director of the Hoeft Technology & Management Program as well as the Senior Director of the Innovation Entrepreneurial Program. Our members were very excited to hear Quarton speak as he offered extensive information about the entrepreneurial opportunities on campus. Further, Quarton discussed several clubs on campus that could be appealing to our members who are  looking to expand their experience in the entrepreneurial world. Lastly, Quarton highlighted a unique trip to Israel, coming up in the Spring. The trip provides the experience of exploring the business and cultural environment of Israel. Additionally, the trip will focus mainly on Israel’s technology based start-up and venture capital community. Quarton’s words were especially interesting, and we are very grateful that he took the time to speak to our members. 

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