Weekly Recap – 02/27/20

Kicking off the Spring Semester, recruitment and the start of the consulting track and investment fund have kept our members excited and busy! Some of the key events thus far are highlighted below, so continue reading to learn what we have been up to!


This past week, we welcomed our new member class for the semester! We are especially thrilled about our new class as we know each member will contribute a unique skill and perspective. New members had the opportunity to get to know one another as well as their Education Leaders for the semester. Learning about our two branches, new members gleaned a sense of the work the consulting track and investment fund accomplish. We anticipate an exciting semester ahead!


This week’s meeting was full of energy and eagerness to begin working on projects. Just a couple weeks in, each team has already shown great progress in their work. Each team split off and designated the next steps. Notably, each team expressed high levels of interest in the various companies they will get to work with throughout the semester! Already on a great path towards success, we look forward to seeing what each team accomplishes within the next few weeks.  


As we begin the semester, our investment fund has been brainstorming various stocks for their main pitch. With such great success last semester, our investment fund members are looking for an interesting stock to create an even stronger stock pitch. Lastly, members discussed the global outbreak of coronavirus and the ways in which the disease impacts the market. 


This week we were fortunate enough to hear CEO of Monopar Therapeutics, Chandler Robinson speak. Robinson spoke of his journey towards success while highlighting the pivot points of his career. Our members were extremely inspired by his determination and grit. And, his passion and excitement for his work impressed all of our members. We look forward to watching him continue to make a positive impact on others as well as his future successes!


Next week we will be hosting a dinner event! New members and active members will get the chance to get to know one another and have some fun while enjoying some burgers!  

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