Weekly Recap – 02/27/20

Kicking off the Spring Semester, recruitment and the start of the consulting track and investment fund have kept our members excited and busy! Some of the key events thus far are highlighted below, so continue reading to learn what we have been up to!


This past week, we welcomed our new member class for the semester! We are especially thrilled about our new class as we know each member will contribute a unique skill and perspective. New members had the opportunity to get to know one another as well as their Education Leaders for the semester. Learning about our two branches, new members gleaned a sense of the work the consulting track and investment fund accomplish. We anticipate an exciting semester ahead!


This week’s meeting was full of energy and eagerness to begin working on projects. Just a couple weeks in, each team has already shown great progress in their work. Each team split off and designated the next steps. Notably, each team expressed high levels of interest in the various companies they will get to work with throughout the semester! Already on a great path towards success, we look forward to seeing what each team accomplishes within the next few weeks.  


As we begin the semester, our investment fund has been brainstorming various stocks for their main pitch. With such great success last semester, our investment fund members are looking for an interesting stock to create an even stronger stock pitch. Lastly, members discussed the global outbreak of coronavirus and the ways in which the disease impacts the market. 


This week we were fortunate enough to hear CEO of Monopar Therapeutics, Chandler Robinson speak. Robinson spoke of his journey towards success while highlighting the pivot points of his career. Our members were extremely inspired by his determination and grit. And, his passion and excitement for his work impressed all of our members. We look forward to watching him continue to make a positive impact on others as well as his future successes!


Next week we will be hosting a dinner event! New members and active members will get the chance to get to know one another and have some fun while enjoying some burgers!  

Weekly Recap – 12/4/19

The past few weeks have been nothing short of exciting for our members. And, as the semester comes to an end, we are extremely pleased with all the hard work and effort our members have poured into their projects.


This week’s meeting was very exciting for the consulting track. New members of the consulting track joined in on the meeting to gain perspective of what their next semester will look like. In the beginning, new members introduced themselves to the consulting members. From there, each team presented a slide deck of the work and research they have been conducting over the course of the semester. Not only were the presentations enlightening for current members of the consulting track, but also for the new members as well. Wrapping up the semester, each team will be presenting their final deliverables next week.  


This week, the investment track received feedback on their stock pitch. As mentioned in the previous week’s recap, their stock pitch was for the company Square. After reviewing the feedback, our members continued to make needed adjustments and improvements. As a result, their stock pitch passed! We are very proud of the hard work the investment track members put into the pitch!


This week we welcomed guest speaker John Quarton. Quarton is the Director of the Hoeft Technology & Management Program as well as the Senior Director of the Innovation Entrepreneurial Program. Our members were very excited to hear Quarton speak as he offered extensive information about the entrepreneurial opportunities on campus. Further, Quarton discussed several clubs on campus that could be appealing to our members who are  looking to expand their experience in the entrepreneurial world. Lastly, Quarton highlighted a unique trip to Israel, coming up in the Spring. The trip provides the experience of exploring the business and cultural environment of Israel. Additionally, the trip will focus mainly on Israel’s technology based start-up and venture capital community. Quarton’s words were especially interesting, and we are very grateful that he took the time to speak to our members. 

Weekly Recap – 11/20/19

This past week was an exciting time for all of our members! 

Finalizing their education process, new members presented their final case competition. New members had been consistently working on their case competitions, and this week each team showed off their hard work. Each group did an excellent job, and it was apparent that each team put in a great amount of research and effort. Further, new members stated that the case competition was a great learning experience, and it was a great opportunity to showcase all the skills and knowledge they have gained over the semester. Looking ahead, after Thanksgiving break, new members will begin shadowing the consulting and investment track. Then, starting next semester, new members will begin working on new projects in the consulting and investing track alongside existing members!

The consulting track continued working hard on their projects as the deadlines are approaching quickly. In the beginning of the meeting, each project manager provided the consulting track a brief overview of the work they hope to accomplish during this week’s meeting. Additionally, the consulting track began discussing future project managers for next semester, and many members were excited to get a chance to take on more responsibility. Finally, each team split into their groups and began working on their tasks. 


Earlier this week, members attended TAMID Together! All members gathered to make calls in hopes of raising our goal of $6,750. Energy and excitement filled the room as members exclaimed the impact TAMID has had on them and why this organization is so amazing. While calling family and friends, members enjoyed pizza and snacks! The event was a huge success, and we are greatly appreciative of all the donations we received!

Weekly Recap – 11/6/19

As we inch closer to the end of the semester, the education process, investment track, and consulting track have been working diligently. 

Throughout the past few weeks, new members gained hands-on experience to strengthen their knowledge and skills for their future in TAMID. To illustrate, new members learned about the process of preparing a stock pitch. Further, new members were taught concepts to aid in the process of preparing a stock pitch such as creating a discounted cash flow model. Additionally, new members worked on skills useful for the consulting track. They worked on a practice exercise, recommending turnaround strategies for Teva Pharmaceuticals. The completion of the education process is near, and the new members are extremely excited to apply their skills next semester!

Continuing their projects, the consulting track has been working hard these past few weeks. Each group provided an update of their current position in terms of their final goal to all the members in the consulting track. Moreover, consulting track members learned how to properly cold call and email perspective participants for their research. Lastly, each team split into their groups to continue their efforts meeting their weekly objectives.

This week, the investment track picked their new stock pitch. The investment track members looked at various stocks such as Square, Shopify, PayPal and more. Ultimately, the investment track choose to prepare a stock pitch for Square. Then, members split into groups and divided the work to begin accomplishing their goals. 


This week we had our first guest speaker of the semester! Founder of Psyonic, Aadeel Akhtar spoke to our members of his journey as an entrepreneur. Psyonic works towards developing advanced prostheses that are affordable to everyone. Akhtar’s story of success and hard work was inspirational and enlightening to all our members. We look forward to seeing and supporting his work in the future! Lastly, we are hosting a dinner event this Thursday. The end of the semester is near, so we wanted another opportunity for members to hang out and bond while eating good food! 

If you are interested in learning more about Psyonic, please click the link below!


Weekly Recap – 10/16/19

Starting off week three of the education process, new members continued to deepen their knowledge on critical concepts! To begin, new members learned about the 4P’s framework. By understanding the 4P’s of Marketing, new members will be able to apply the essential concept towards their future work in the consulting track. Next, new members gained an understanding of market penetration and the Lean Business Model Canvas. In addition to the 4P’s of Marketing, these concepts will strengthen their knowledge and skill set for their future in TAMID. Lastly, new members explored project management through observing the basic structure of a consulting project as well as methods for researching startups. 

Looking forward, new members will continue their education process while focusing on a more in-depth examination of the investment fund!

Delving into their assignments for the semester, the consulting track began their work for their projects. The consulting track split into three teams, each working on a different project. Further, project managers delegated tasks for their teams for the upcoming week and created a timeline for the semester. Our consultants are extremely excited to begin working on their tasks, and they are eager to see the impact they will make at the end of the semester!


We are extremely excited about some upcoming events for our members. Our members have began organizing and preparing for the upcoming TAMID Together fundraiser. Also, we are hoping to plan another social event where members will bond and chat over dinner!

April Recap 04/2019 and Semester Outlook

After a great first year in action on campus, we are very proud of what TAMID Group at Illinois has become and excited for what is to come next year. Both branches of TAMID’s operations completed their consulting projects and stock pitches. Groups worked hard on their perspective projects and a lot was learned throughout our first year on campus.

Consulting students turned in their finished work to the CEO of SafeMode (an Israeli startup which uses Big Data and AI algorithms to ensure safe driving for fleets and autonomous vehicles). Students revamped SafeMode’s website, conducted research regarding barriers of entry to the US and other foreign markets, and helped resolve other conflicts with the company. Investment fund students turned in their pitch to TAMID nationals. The fund pitched Logitech (NASDAQ: LOGI) as a long-term buy based on numerous valuation metrics, which resulted in Logitech stock under-performing, thus being stated as undervalued at its current price.

With a revamped education process next semester, we are looking forward to accepting 30-40 new members, conducting the education process, expanding the executive board, and working with new and exciting Israeli startups. To the class of 2023, we are looking forward to all of the exciting students to get involved with TAMID.

Lastly, a few members of TAMID will be travelling to Israel and are exciting to immerse themselves in the culture and gain valuable, unparalleled work experience working in the Start-Up Nation.

Get ready for another great semester at the University of Illinois!

March Recap 03/2019

It has been some time since the last update, but TAMID has continued to grow and evolve at the University of Illinois. The consulting and investing groups have received their projects for the semester and are working diligently to complete them prior to their respective deadlines. This semester we are taking a more focused approached to each group, so the students will receive practice in the area that they would like to specialize in.

The investment fund brainstormed a wide array of stocks that they would like to create a pitch for and had a great conversation about the pros and cons of each. The stock discussion ranged from McDonalds to IPG photonics and it was interesting to hear different perspectives about the market and how/why students think their stock will see continued growth in the future.

The consulting team, led by Nosa Egiebor and Barkin Kurumoglu, has been collaborating with the CEO of an Israeli startup, SafeMode. The goal of SafeMode is to make driving safer for everyone using artificial intelligence which gives constructive feedback, driver ratings, movement tracking and more.  After completing last semester’s education process, students are ready to apply their recently learned knowledge to aid SafeMode in website development, marketing tactics, growth strategy, etc…We are confident that our group will create a great product and provide valuable advice to this up and coming company.

Later this week, a few students will be joining other TAMID Chapters in Chicago for the Midwest Conference. Illinois TAMID members will join forces with other TAMID members from University of Chicago, Northwestern, Michigan, Indiana and a couple other schools, to network and provide feedback regarding TAMID’s operations on a national level. This will be a great opportunity to meet intelligent, like-minded individuals from across the Midwest, while also spreading a little Illini pride and knowledge.

Meeting Recap 02/18/2019


On Monday evening the TAMID students came out to Chabad to hear an incredible entrepreneur, businessman, doctor and CEO speak about his journey to where he is now. Rabbi Dovid connected with Chandler Robinson, now CEO of Monopar Therapeutics in Wilmette Illinois, and he graciously agreed to come down to speak with the students of TAMID.

Dr. Robinson came from a unique background where his parents followed different religions and he paved his own path of what religion he wanted to follow. He grew up in Columbus, Ohio and attended Northwestern undergraduate school in a prestigious business program, setting him up to be an investment banker. However, after taking a chemistry class, the professor spotted extreme potential and Robinson conducted research for some time as an undergrad. The research led him to eventually produce a drug for Wilson’s disease and was bought in the early stages of testing because of the extreme success. The students were able to see Robinson’s passion throughout his whole story because of his energy and enthusiasm while conveying his endeavors.

Robinson soon left the medicine world for investment banking in the UK while on the fulbright scholarship. This incredible experience and opportunity was one of many that Robinson explored his different interests. Although he said he enjoyed it, he did not wake up excited every day to go work at Bear Stearns. After getting his MBA, he soon went back to medical school to become a doctor at Stanford. Robinson’s education is tremendous and his vast experiences left the students in awe and very inspired.

There was so much to take away from this humble, motivating and successful individual. Now, working on cancer drugs at Monopar, Dr. Robinson is always thinking about the greater good. Some main ideas to take away from listening to the ambitious man is that there should be no boundaries to achieve whatever you want to achieve. With extra work and thinking what can you do, instead of what can’t you do, it will get you farther than you would have been. Surrounding yourself in a positive environment with people who work hard is a key component and could help in the long run as well. Although Robinson has had many successes, he continues on new endeavors and pursues his passions even if it means knocking on the CEO’s door because of the open door policy (although he is now the CEO).

Robinson emphasized the fact that people may not always believe in your ideas and pursuits, but that doesn’t mean that you should stop pursuing them. There are ways to achieve your goals and mentors are a large part of this.

Thanks to Dr. Robinson for being so gracious and insightful. We look forward to hosting our next speaker later in the semester.

Week of 11/28/2018

Current Events:

This week’s current event presentation was about Israel and how Yoav Kisch recently proposed a bill to allow cannabis exports. This would be a great opportunity for the Israeli economy. There was a great discussion in class regarding the legality of this substance because of the potential dangers that it could bring. Despite the social repercussions that will create a commotion in Israel, the benefits will be far more rewarding compared to the disadvantages. The growing export, health benefits and increased small business growth will all be helpful for the economy and overall improve parts of the economy.


This week in the consulting session we covered relative valuation. Relative valuation strategies are relevant to the consulting session as they provide analyses of comparable companies and a basis of what the company will be valued at. You want to be valued near or above the comparable companies to sell or buy the company for the right value. There are different multiples that you can value the comparable company analysis off of – typically EBITDA or EBIT is used and projected 5-10 years in the future. Once you find the EBITDA multiple of the comparables, than you can multiply this multiple by the company’s EBITDA that you are trying to value. This will help you find the enterprise value. After looking through Pepsi’s example of balance sheets, members were able to grasp a firmer idea of the valuation.

Investment Fund:

This week, we learned about the Discounted Cash Flow Analysis (DCF) to conclude our education for the semester. A discounted cash flow analysis is an important aspect of financial valuation to incorporate into the stock pitch because it intrinsically values a company based on their projected free cash flows. This valuation method is used by many people to predict the future cash flows and terminal value which provides an estimated valuation range for the company. Our members were able to use this new knowledge and skills for their stock pitch while evaluating their company and deciding whether to buy the stock or not.

Case Competitions:

This week we also had presentations that the students have been working on with their groups. Both the consulting presentations and the stock pitches were held on Thursday, 11/29. Each group did a great job researching their company and it was awesome to see all of the pieces come together that we learned throughout the semester. Our consulting groups put together a unique presentation, each suggesting a new bundle for Spitball with creative cases for all. One group suggesting a scholarship section to be added to the Spitball website which everyone thought was a great idea and could really help Spitball be incorporated in the United States. On the stock pitch side of presentations, each group put together a comparable company analysis, discounted cash flow analysis, precedent transaction analysis and football field graph for their specific companies and evaluated whether or not to buy the stock based on the industry trends, history and predictions that they were able to conclude.

Guest Speaker:

This was yet another big week for TAMID Group Beta Chapter at Illinois: we had the opportunity to hear from the Dean of the Gies College of Business: Dean Jeffrey Brown. Dean Brown has a very interesting perspective on the Israeli economy from his experiences working for the White House and in the business school. TAMID members were able to hear about his work and everything that he has done to promote Israel within the business school, specifically, one of his goals is to increase the amount of Gies students who travel and learn in Israel. Dean Brown has made many initiatives to increase the Israel presence including promoting studying abroad and semester long trips to Israel. We were able to ask questions and hear his unique perspective regarding our specific ideas.

Meeting Recap 11/14/2018


This week, members focused on our final pitches and proposals that will be presented on Thursday, November 29. Groups split up into consulting and investing teams and each group was able to meet and work with each other and map out a strategy to complete their project by the assigned presentation time. Each group consists of 3-4 members with a designated team leader from our executive board.

Looking forward, our schedule for the following week (after Thanksgiving break) includes completing the education process and making final changes to the project deliverables on Monday, hosting the Dean of the business school (Dean Jeffrey Brown) as our final outside speaker for the semester on Wednesday, and conducting stock pitches and consulting case studies on Thursday. Next week will be full of TAMID, but everyone is excited about the final projects because students get to put this semester’s learning to the test and prove that they can work for real companies next semester.

As for now, we hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and spends quality time with their families!