Weekly Recap – 10/2/19


This past week, we welcomed our new member class for the semester! During the first half of their meeting, new members had the chance to meet and learn more about their peers through some casual icebreakers. Then, Brad (Director of Education) discussed an in-depth description of TAMID Group as well as highlighting the unique Israel business landscape. Next, Brad presented the goals and logistics of the education track, consulting track, fund track, and fellowship track. Additionally, Brad mentioned TAMID Together, which is the annual fundraising campaign for all TAMID chapters. 

Throughout the second half of the meeting, Brad led a professional development presentation. The presentation included resume tips, the importance of updating LinkedIn and Handshake profiles, interview tips, and the benefit of TAMIDconnect. Members were able to further understand and develop knowledge in various professional areas. Looking forward, new members will continue their education process and develop critical skills to apply in their future in the consulting and fund tracks!


Led by Barkin (Director of Consulting) and Nosa (VP Operations), students observed a consulting refresher presentation to prepare for the semester ahead. Students reviewed several case frameworks including the profitability framework, 4P’s framework, pricing framework and more. As a practice exercise, students then collaborated to implement the 4P’s framework to Spotify. Lastly, students got a glimpse into the three main consulting projects they will work on throughout the semester. Later next week, members will be assigned to one of the three projects. We cannot wait to get started!


During the Investment Fund meeting, members discussed potential stocks to propose for their stock pitch due this upcoming Friday. Members explored various profitable stocks that peaked their interest to conduct further research. Additionally, members looked further into financial statements and future outlooks to determine which stocks would best fit the TAMID portfolio. Ultimately, members chose the company Stitch Fix. Created in 2011, Stitch Fix serves as a unique personal style service that constantly evolves with a consumer’s taste, needs, and lifestyles. We cannot wait to see the work our investment fund will achieve!


This upcoming Friday, the TAMID Group Beta Chapter at Illinois is hosting a social event. New and executive members will enjoy pizza while getting to know each other better. We are looking forward to creating a more unified team and to kickoff the semester!

Fellowship Recap 2019

This summer, two TAMID members – Dylan Abrams, Co-Founder/Co-President and Noah Brown, Director of Fellowship – had the opportunity to take part in the 2019 TAMID Fellowship in Tel Aviv. The Fellowship is a competitive 8-week internship program where students must apply and gain acceptance to the program, to then go through a rigorous matching process with various Israeli startups and international branches of Fortune 500 companies. 

Dylan and Noah had the chance to live and work in the vibrant city of Tel Aviv, as well as explore the rest of Israel on the weekends within their small groups. Dylan worked at Everest, an investment bank based in Tel-Aviv – when asked about the experience, he mentioned, “the Fellowship is a great opportunity to get out of your comfort zone, learn about international business, meet like-minded, motivated individuals from elite schools across the US, and enjoy the incredible food, beaches, shopping and Israeli culture. 

Noah stated, “I am so lucky and grateful to have made numerous personal and professional connections and friendships throughout the summer that will last a lifetime. I had the opportunity to work for PayMe, an Israeli FinTech startup based in Tel Aviv. PayMe sells its services to banks as a white-label solution for small businesses. Immediately, I was taken aback by the Israeli startup culture. I have had internships in the States, however, my internship in the ‘Startup Nation’ gave me a much better opportunity to gain hands-on experience and solve real problems that arose during daily business operations. I was tasked with thinking of potential services PayMe could offer in addition to reaching out to different banks and CRM’s who often use our services. I helped to come up with a new idea for the platform which allows small businesses to find cheaper input costs based on their proximity to certain providers.” 

To learn more about the Fellowship, inquire about our Fellowship Info Session or inquire with Noah Brown at noahab2@illinois.edu.