Investment Fund


The TAMID Investment Fund is one of two pathways for students who have completed the initial semester of education — the first step of their TAMID tenure. Under the direction of highly qualified student-leaders, members will manage a carefully reviewed investment portfolio.

At the beginning of each semester, students will be separated into various sector-specific groups. Members are expected to research industry-leading stocks within their respective areas of the market, with a close focus on Israeli equities. It can be expected that each weekly meeting will consist of a market update and student led stock pitches, in which groups present evidence pertaining to why certain stocks should be incorporated into TAMID Group’s portfolio.

Students involved in the TAMID Investment Fund will develop the abilities to follow the market, identify valuable companies to invest in and understand how to create an insightful stock pitches.

For more information, contact our Directors of Investment Fund:

Daniel Ship |
Matt Feldman |